19 Most Favorite Plants for West-Facing Windows

Finding the right plant to put near a west-facing window can be difficult. This is because west-facing windows will get light in the afternoon during the hot part of the day and not all plants like this condition.

Plants need sunlight to be healthy, but not every plant wants to have full sun all day long. You might think that you are giving your plants just what they need by placing them in the window, but there are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind when you are putting plants in the window.

This is particularly true for west-facing windows.

Depending on the season, this might be a hot location, but it is often not sunny for many hours of the day.

West-facing windows can be challenging for some plant types because they will get light in the afternoon during the hot part of the day.

If you want to be sure that you have the right plants placed in your west-facing windows, you will need to check out this list of plants that will thrive when placed in a west-facing window location.

Best plants for west-facing windows

Aechmea fasciata

This plant is also known as the Urn Plant. Urn plants love direct sunlight and they are always happiest in very bright light. You will have a lot of luck with this plant in this location due to its preferences for a half-day of full, bright sun. Make sure that you check that contact with the window is not burning the leaves of your Aechmea fasciata.


This is a beautiful plant with lovely foliage that is a standout in any indoor planter. You will love the bright and velvety foliage of this plant that loves bright and direct sunlight as well as warmth. This plant can sometimes set blooms, but it is rare in an indoor planter. Make sure that the leaf tips don’t scorch by keeping the leaves from touching the window directly.

Aloe Vera

This is a classic indoor plant that loves bright sunlight and a bit of heat. It is succulent, which means that it requires very little care to maintain its beauty. You will need to plant your Aloe in a cactus mix potting soil and then make sure that the pot can drain. Provide light watering to the plant year-round and make sure that it gets enough sun.


These are a delightful choice if you want some bright colors in your home. These pretty flowers come in many different styles and colors and they love bright sun and heat. They also emit a really lovely spicy smell that everyone will enjoy during the warm hours of the day. Make sure to water thoroughly once a day and then let your geraniums enjoy the sun!

Air Plants

These little conversation starters offer the chance to make plant walls as you do not need soil to root them. There are many kinds of air plants, and they will be happy without soil and in the sun. Just make sure to water these air plants thoroughly once a day and then provide them with a lot of sunlight to watch them bloom and thrive.

Christmas Cactus

Succulents always love the sun, so putting a Christmas Cactus near a west-facing window is a solid choice. Your Christmas Cactus will need limited care and it will be happy to bloom white or red for you when the temperatures drop later in the year.

Picture of the Christmas Cactus by TropicalAmbiance from Etsy.

Bird of Paradise

These are gorgeous indoor trees that look a lot like palms. They have large, broad leaves that unfold and create a jungle-style feel in any room that they are placed in. They do need to be watered thoroughly, but they love heat and sun and can handle bright and direct sunlight.

English Ivy

These cheerful and bright green plants are a great addition to a large pot with another plant in it, or you can plant them and enjoy them on their own. They can be trained to climb up a trellis or allowed to spread out over a window sill. These hardy plants need little in the way of care and they will love the warmth and sun in your west-facing windows.

Jade Plant

This unique and beautiful plant takes a bit to get started growing, but it is a really good choice for placement in full sun and where it gets a bit warm. This is another succulent that can grow into something that looks like a bush. You will not have to offer much care to this plant and it will love the full sun in your windows.

Dwarf Citrus

Dwarf trees are always delightful to add to your home and citrus love sun and warmth. You will need to make sure that you put these plants in a strong pot and you will need to water them thoroughly, but the sun and the heat in your west-facing windows will cause them to thrive.

Lemon tree picture by ViaCitrus from Etsy.

Sweet Basil

These are attractive herbs that emit a nice smell when the sun hits them. You can use this little plant to decorate your window and also use the leaves for cooking! This is a plant that does not love a full day of heat and sun, but you can always move it briefly off the window sill during the peak of the hot part of the day.

Garden Croton

This is a study plant that has long and skinny leaves that are green, yellow, orange, pink, and even red. Some varieties do not like full sun, so be sure to check that you get one that does like full sun. You will need to water these plants carefully so as not to overwater and make sure to mist the leaves for humidity when the sun is not strongly shining on the plant.

Zebra Plant

This pretty plant can be a bit of work to grow, but you will find that it will like your west-facing windows since it is a jungle plant. Do be sure to remove the plant from the very hot sun as it will wilt the leaves. For most of the year, this delightful and pretty plant will be thrilled with life in your west-facing windows.

Ti Plant

This is a beautiful plant with bright and vibrant foliage that loves the sun. You will find that low light makes the plants stunted and not nearly as bright, so full sunlight and warmth are the perfect conditions for growing beautiful and lush Ti Plants. The Variegated variety needs more light than other species of this plant, so it should be your choice for your west-facing windows.

Corn Plant

This is another plant that is reminiscent of a palm. It has pretty, bright green foliage that fans out from the center of the pot that it is planted in. This is a great choice for warmth and direct sun and your corn plant will thrive there if it is given enough water.

Picture of the Corn plant by SnakeRiverGarden on Etsy.

Tiger Tooth

This is a dark green succulent that will spread out nicely in a pot. They love lots of sunlight and they do not need much in the way of care. These plants will need to be planted in a cactus potting mix and you will want to be sure that you check that the window is not burning foliage that is closest to it.

Picture of Tiger Tooth by GroovyPlantsRanchLLC on Etsy.


This is a hardy plant that smells delightful when exposed to the sun. It will spread out voraciously when planted in a location that offers a lot of sun and moisture, so make sure that it does not choke out other plants it might be sharing a pot with. This is another plant that can be used for cooking as well as for window dressing.


These beautiful and showy flowers love the full sun and are very low maintenance overall. Make sure they get enough water and some bloom food and they will offer you months of gorgeous and showing blooms. They come in lots of varieties so you will find the perfect plant for your needs with ease.

Elephant Ear

Elephant Ear plants are hardy and have gorgeous palm-like foliage. These deep green plants thrive in full sun and they love the heat. They will spread out readily, can be a great filler in large pots but can also thrive alone in their own pot. Make sure that the leaves are not burned by the window glass and keep watered for a happy and low-maintenance plant.