About Melvin

Hello everyone! Melvin here…

As you probably already know, I love everything about unique and tropical plants. I also like to eat healthily, stay fit – and have a good time with my friends and family.

My passion for plants

It all started half a decade ago when I bought my first tropical plant, which was a sansevieria. This is a tropical plant that is commonly known as the snake plant and is a very rewarding plant that is easy to take care of.

Besides the sansevieria, I’ve come across a lot of other unique, tropical, and interesting plants which you can grow at home, in a garden, or at the office.

Unica Plants is a website that focuses on teaching you how how to care for, propagate and maintain all your tropical house plants by using the right soil, expose the plants to the right amount of sunlight, give them the right amount of water, and more.