About Unica Plants

Unica Plants is a celebration of the home & garden lifestyle written by me (Melvin) who lives, sleeps, and breaths these passions.

My mission is to bring you the latest, most relevant knowledge:

  • To help you take care of your plants the best and easiest way you can. I never forget that everyone has to start somewhere so the site has plenty of beginner guides, explanations of terminology, and lists of must-have equipment to get you started.
  • To enhance and expand the home & garden activities you already enjoy. I am passionate about sharing my experience, how-to’s, DIY’s, and product recommendations so the site is packed to the gills with information to help you find out what unique plants suit you the best and how to care for them.

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About Melvin

I’m Melvin. Half a decade ago I bought my very first house plant, which was a Nepenthes Pitcher Plant. Ever since then, I’ve bought and grown a whole lot of unique plants in my apartment. Now I want to expand my knowledge about these plants even more and share my experience on this website.

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