This page contains all sorts of gifts for plant lovers! Whether it’s someone who already has everything for their beautiful indoor or outdoor garden, or maybe a friend who’s just started out.

Below you will find affiliate links from trusted sellers that include the best ideas and products so you can skip over all of the bad products out there!


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Plant Arrangement

Hard to find Ficus Triangularis Variegata is a classy plant.

Once it finds its happy spot, it does not like to be moved.

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Calathea Makoyana has a stunning pattern and coloration. It’s often called “Cathedral Windows” because of its transparent leaves.

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A popular evergreen plant with stunning broad, rubber-like, variegated leaves. The Ficus altissima “Yellow Gem” is a fantastic indoor plant for larger spaces in your home where it can grow freely.

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The Philodendron hederaceum (Velvet Leaf Philodendron) is known for its luxuriously soft, heart-shaped leaves. It does great in indoor spaces and is great for removing toxins from the air.

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Calathea White Fusion is a beautiful accent plant.

They are easy to grow and love a higher humidity.

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Rare Alocasia azlanii “Red Mambo” is one of the rarest Alocasias.It has red veining all throughout the leaves, and a light green outline around the edges

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Plant Pots and Stands

This stunning and high-quality wooden plant stand + ceramic planter looks beautiful and will also stabilize your planter.

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These sleek designed solid steel hangers will give any wall in or outside a modern feel.

Created from high-grade steel and easy to install.

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Plants need caretakers and these faces keep a close eye (or nine).

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This mini macrame plant hanger is perfect for your car rear view mirror, house, wedding favors, bridesmaid gift, or gift for any holiday.

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Three-tier shelf, rustic wood shelving unit, farmhouse bathroom shelves, tobacco lath wood furniture, indoor plant stand.

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This handmade planter is the ideal solution for those that want a garden and are limited to a balcony. These boxes are perfect for displaying live plants.

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Plant Tools and Supplies

One of the most common reasons why tropical plants are not thriving is because of LOW humidity.

A humidifier can help with this problem. Click here to purchase one.

These propagation stations are beautiful! Small enough to have on your desk at work, nightstand at home, on a coffee table, or hanging up anywhere!

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These are just so adorable! Glass vintage plant or face misters, in blue, green, purple, and transparent.

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Handmade recipe, with cold-pressed organic neem oil & essential oils. Natural Organic pest treatment & prevention for all plants.

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Watering globe for plants that you can use for up to 2 weeks at a time. We all have places to go and sometimes there is nobody to water our plants.

In that case, the watering globe comes in handy each time.

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Organic aroid fertilizer that will never burn your plants, especially good for expensive collectors aroids like Philodendron, Monsteras, Epipremnums, Alocasia, etc.

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More Plant Gift Ideas

This Rubber plant keychain is a fantastic, small gift that will commemorate just about any occasion.

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Create your own plaited macrame plant hanger with everything that you need in this kit! (including online video tutorial!)

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High quality ceramic crazy plant Lady Mug.

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This Plant Dad Shirt is a perfect and original gift for any man or guy that likes plants!

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Maranta, Caladium, Anthurium and many more tropical cute leaves can be bought from “Enjoypillows” on Etsy.

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This illustrative mug is perfect for plant lovers! It makes a brilliant Fathers Day gift for all those plant-obsessed dads!

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Fresh Eucalyptus Shower Bunch with a sleek stainless steel stick-on hanger for your shower or bath. Steam releases the aromas of your fresh eucalyptus to make showers more relaxing, enjoyable, and refreshing.

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The perfect plant stake to show how dramatic your plants can be.

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